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Enabling Healthcare transition

What We Do

We are developing a platform that is interoperability driven and enables high levels of reuse of new healthcare applications. Open standards and a concept of open data enables new business models which are needed to make healthcare sustainable. Platform support applications in different domains such us Chronic Disease Management, Acute care, Disease prevention, Well-being and Elederly support.

We are leading your tranformation to:


Who We Are

Skilled, passionated and experienced professionals from different areas following vision to bulid/create succesfull e-health products.

We are intersted in different partnership.

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Solution Advantages

TeleHealth solution advantages:

  • Low entry cost.
  • Easy to deploy and use for all groups of patients.
  • Designed for affordable large scale roll-out.
  • Based on industry standards.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Designed to handle multiple chronic diseases in one platform.
  • Clinical staff and call centers can be centralized.
  • Modular platform design that allows for diverse integrations (like Qualcomm Life) and further development.

Patient empowerment

  • Patients can use their own familiar mobile devices (BYOD) or dedicated GW device.
  • Patient can monitor their own health parameters.
  • Increasing support for evidence based decision making.
  • Improving quality of life and lower transport costs.
  • Avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.
  • Suited for screening large groups.
  • Patient can request video conference or other interactive tools (chat etc).
  • Support for complex care-profile.
  • Support for different analytics options.

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